Civic Ancestry builds bridges between our history and our personal lives. We foster the importance of community engagement through understanding our personal past.

Civic Ancestry educates young and old through careful study of family history while embracing our rich heritage of diversity.

Civic Ancestry reunites generations through careful design, research and examination. Our genealogical experts help piece together intricate generations of individual families through proven strategies, experience and technology.

Civic Ancestry works with individuals, organizations and private sector businesses to develop strategies to engage and encourage civic involvement through genealogical research.
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Our Mission

Fostering Family History through Learning about your past...

 "I knew my family had deep roots in American history but I had no idea that my trail would lead through Jamestown and a connection to President Thomas Jefferson.  Civic Ancestry helped me connect with the past in a way I hadn't imaged."  

​Randal C. Teague


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Civic Ancestry

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